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Jeffrey Freedman

Chief Digital Officer & Executive Product Advisor

As a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Startup Growth Advisors, Jeffrey Freedman serves as the intersection point between product development, product design, and product marketing. For early to growth stage technology ventures, he is the management liaison between the Tech Advisor and/or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the various software engineering and UX/UI resources.

Over the past decade as the CDO of Pop Results Growth Marketing Agency, Jeffrey’s experience conceptualizing product marketing and growth hacking experiments assists ventures with the validation of their core product assumptions. Jeffrey’s role as interdepartmental communication hub allows for the application of learnings from early product marketing, experiments, surveys and focus groups to each of the three critical areas of product.

Prior to Startup Growth Advisors, Jeffrey spent several years with the credit division of PayPal, leading its marketing and branding strategy. While there, he worked with numerous teams in order to facilitate the changes being made to the product based on internal and external feedback loops. He designed campaigns that lead to a 60% increase in monthly customer acquisition, as well as increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Having started his career in the trenches of broadcast television, Jeffrey witnessed firsthand the transition to digital as a commercial producer and video editor. His ability to work with all facets of the business, from developers to designers as well as outside vendors, give him a unique position to manage the coordination of many aspects of creative and product, multiple mediums of content and various marketing channels.

Jeffrey is the Chapter Director of Startup Grind Baltimore which is backed by Google for Entrepreneurs. In this role, he works to connect and support the Baltimore entrepreneurial community and its various resources while also expanding its awareness and exposure to regional, national and international technology ecosystems.

With Jeffrey’s creative spirit, sense of humor, and the ability to connect and communicate with everyone, he makes sure early stage projects stay on track, are marketed efficiently, all while allowing founders to focus on their vision.

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