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Product Design

Software product design services are the first step of execution in the journey of bringing your idea to life. From startups that are interested in the design of a new mobile app to growth stage companies seeking to launch additional products, success boils down to selecting a quality team and adhering to a strategic lean design process.

UX Design is analytical and technical;
UI Design is the look and feel

The product design process initiates with sophisticated UX design strategy that takes user feedback into consideration and maps out the overall flow. Then, taking into account the UX product design specification, your project moves into the practical aesthetic UI design phase.

At each step of the product lifecycle, your product designer is actively in communication with you so the process remains on a steady course.

Product design companies are not all equal

The risks of moving forward with the wrong outsourced product design company can end up costing you precious time and tap limited resources. From stories of hijacked code to those where you are left having to pause and switch to another company, these downside risks are avoidable.

Startup Growth Advisors onshore and offshore product design companies are vetted and add a layer of stability to this critical portion of turning your idea into a visible reality.

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