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Startup Funding

Capital raise strategy for startups and growth stage companies always seems to follow that chicken and egg theory of who comes first in the startup funding process. Institutional venture capital firms, family offices, and angel investors are asked to invest in inflated risk on pre-seed and early stage deal flow and entrepreneurs are asked to reach reasonable bootstrap milestones before being labeled fundable.

From a startup funding perspective, as the entrepreneur, you just want to find a way raise capital.

How startup funding works

Startup business funding is not about rushing into the market to simply raise millions of dollars from a venture capital firm. It is a complex process that requires capital raise strategy with the foundational premise of building a sustainable business on the forefront.

Then, compete for non-dilutive investment, locate startup lending options, strategic investors, a lead investor, follow on investors, angels, micro-VCs, VCs, family offices, and the list goes on and on.

The truth of the matter is that once you engage startup funding no matter where that might be, pre-seed, seed round, Series A, Series B, Series C, or Bridge round raises in between, in addition to running your company, you are always in fundraising mode.

Funding a startup business or growth company

As an entrepreneur, the key on how to get startup funding is capital raise strategy with network connections. No matter which of the startup funding stages you are currently tackling, Startup Growth Advisors works with you to grow your business to a point of being considered fundable for the relevant funding stage.

We help to organize your capital raise strategy, create potential growth paths for you to follow, and ultimately introduce you to our network.

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