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Executives as a Service

Whether you are a first-time startup founder or a serial tech entrepreneur with multiple exits on record, there is no better way to accelerate growth than to add seniority and C-Suite strategy to your management team. Executives as a Service (EaaS) provide valuable experience, know-how, and connections on a part-time basis that few startup employees can match.

Startup Growth Advisors network of outsourced executives are ready and willing to help move your startup business forward with velocity.

EaaS offers cost controlled expertise

With executives as a service, your startup company can add elite talent in a cost efficient manner. There are a variety of custom EaaS pricing models available ranging from hourly, project, and most commonly retainer based.

The key for startups is that each of the models require a limited commitment and the terms of engagement/disengagement are simple and negotiated on short-term renewable contracts.

Fractional C-Suite Executives on your time

To meet the predictably unpredictable needs of startups, EaaS contracts are available on per project, flexible part-time and full-time interim basis. With one month written notice, a contract can be terminated so there is always an out if you need it.

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