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International Soft Landing

Starting a business in any country is hard work. Layer on communication and culture gaps as well as a variety of inevitable international soft landing checklist items like startup visas, global financial issues, business law and immigration, housing requirements, etc… and this process can be incredibly overwhelming.

Solving the various issues requires finding best in class providers at each step and a poor decision can result in costly or grave mistakes for you and your venture.

International soft landing program

Startup Growth Advisors international soft landing services help you navigate the path of these complex but necessary steps. While you are still in your country of origin, our extensive experience executing a virtual venture building model presents the opportunity to achieve momentum on your eventual soft landing.

We tap you into our global business legal partners, immigration attorney associates, and chief financial officers who lay the foundation for you and your venture from legal and financial standpoints.

Soft landing startups in the US

With your business legal, immigration, and financial core steps in motion, we start the process of agnostically helping you decide which US market is most appropriate for your touchdown. This decision involves a variety of factors of consideration including the alignment of the vertical of your business with corporate partners who associate to that area of specialization.

Alternatively, we might connect you with a university, incubator, or accelerator partner who has exhibited a history of specialization in that vertical area of interest. Once we have determined a plan for soft landing, we assist you with locating and securing flexible coworking spaces and other basic needs.

Complete the form on this page and we can begin the process of assisting you with your international soft landing in the United States.

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